Settling In

We’re getting well settled in.  David’s apartment was decorated very nicely, in a neutral-tone, clean lines, somewhat (but not excessively) modern style.  He’s very techie, and consequently he has plenty of  equipment.  This meant that there was room for me to move in with my style, and I feel like we’ve meshed them pretty well, with bits of color (me) here and there, filling in around the neutral base (David). 

For my sewing, crafting, and other workspace needs, I am allotted a closet for storage and sufficient room for my desk in the den.  The closet is awesome.  It’s a little crowded, but in a comfortable sort of way, and I had the brilliant notion to separate my fabric by color in a couple of those hanging shoe racks, which not only fits much better than a giant tub; it also makes the fabric much more accessible.  Plus, the wall is covered in hooks (there are 5 – FIVE! – hooks in the closet), so I have lots of hanging space.  
As for the desk space, I’ve taken the doors off my desk, which makes it a little more accessible, but it looks not so chic.  To help with that, we purchased a large square basket (the size of the crate which is in the picture) to hold my fabric scraps.  It looks much nicer.  The teddy bear lamp (a relic from my childhood) is something I worried a little about David accepting, especially since it’s right near his desk.  But it’s situated in such a way that he gets a lot of the light from it, and although he objects (slightly) to the form, he loves the effect.  I’ve used my desk now a couple of times to work on my computer, and I’m pleased with the set-up thus far.  The real test will come in the next couple of days as I use the space to get some sewing done for Christmas.  
I also come with plants.  I like plants. I feel that they liven up a space considerably, and without a plant, a room looks rather dead.  David’s reaction to the first plant was enthusiastic. He had a very large aloe already, and he seemed to think it was neat that I had a plant, too.  But when I brought up all my plants, his reaction went more along the lines of: “If we get any more plants, we’ll be living in Fern Gully.”  Which I understand to be a good thing, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical rain forest full of tree-hugging fairies?  We got another plant last night, anyway (an ornamental pepper for the kitchen!), so I guess we’re done for.  (In addition to the window sill, which hosts four plants, there’s one on in our bedroom, one on the bookshelf, and now one in our kitchen.)
I still have one non-book box to unpack, but that’s today’s project. The five boxes of books have to wait a little longer. Everything else is pretty much settled in. Of course, there may be a period of adjusting as we start living with the new arrangements, but so far it’s working out pretty well.
We have Christmas coming up this weekend, so merry Christmas or happy holidays to everyone, and safe travels, if you’re going anywhere.  

One thought on “Settling In

  1. Glad you're settling in. I'm extremely jealous of your craft closet – that's not going to happen for me until we do the addition and I can take over what's now our bedroom as an office/ craft room. In the meantime everything is stuffed in every nook and cranny imaginable and it's a piece of work just *finding* everything in order to start a project. Le sigh. But anyway, good luck with your Christmas projects – I'll see you in a few days!

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