Moved! We’re Now Residents of Virginia

So we moved to DC last weekend, after several weeks of insanity.
First, there was packing.
At this point our dining room was full of boxes and the furniture moved to the living room:
Then, off we went to Austin, Texas for a week (because that’s what normal people do when they’re about to move). We went for Austin Blues Party (ABP).
We danced, hung out with friends, ate fabulous food, and generally had a wonderful time.
We came back from Austin with 36 hours until the movers arrived.
So we left Cleveland at 3:30 am on Friday and arrived in Alexandria at our new apartment at 10:00am.  Thanks to our wonderful movers, the transition happened fairly smoothly:
Now all that was left was a MASSIVE amount of unpacking.  Beginning with the 15 kitchen boxes (not pictured, because their contents are in those cupboards):
The Post-Its, naturally, are to identify where what goes during and after unpacking.
We are about 95% unpacked now, but we have a big week.  This weekend is our first DC exchange as locals.  Red Hot Blues and BBQ starts tonight and we are hosting six guests for the weekend.  We intended to host no more than three, but we signed up with the hosting program to house two and then agreed to host a couple of friends.  And then there was a misunderstanding with housing and we ended up being assigned four guests.  So we have a full house.  Ordinarily we like hosting as many as we can – it’s our way of paying back the hospitality we’ve received in other cities.  With the move, though, we figured we’d still be living among boxes.  As it turns out, we have room for everyone we’re currently committed to, and we’re looking forward to a fabulous weekend.

2 thoughts on “Moved! We’re Now Residents of Virginia

  1. Of course not! You weren't there. Aside from the lack-of-Rhian, Austin was excellent, though, and we definitely rocked it. Also, David and I went back to the bridge and watched the bats from behind the hotel we stayed at for the conference.

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