A Possibilities Day

Today is one of those days that invites dreaming.  The sunshine and perfect temperature, the breeze coming through the windows, and the puffy white clouds all chase away the complications and consequences of doing the things you’ve wanted to do for awhile.

I’ve completely given into this day.  All our windows are wide open to bring the day inside, and I’m letting myself dream about ways to “fix” the problem spots in our apartment, and just life in general.

To start off, I made a pitcher of cold-brewed coffee (if you haven’t had this, you must try it.  It brings out the coffee flavor beautifully without the bitter taste associated with hot-brewed iced coffee. Go here for instructions on how to brew it. Or here. Or here.)

Next I began re-imagining this space, possibly using an indoor, wall-mounted garden and a corner cabinet:

When we moved to DC, we didn’t have room for our plants in the car, so we had to leave them with a friend. Picture this: in order to get them to Jen’s house, I packed them in a crate. This includes a very large aloe (see below), and three smaller houseplants (two vines and spider plant). The backseat and trunk of the car were packed so completely that every inch of space was used and the broom had to be strapped to the bike rack on the back.  Ginger in her crate and her litterbox were at my feet (her crate was later moved to my lap), leaving just enough room for me to squeeze my feet in if I didn’t plan to move them for the entire six-hour drive.  My other plant – the one I’ve had for nine years, which was coming with us, and a wreath which Elizabeth made for me out of old books (and is absolutely fabulous, but would not fit in any box) were balanced between my lap and dashboard. With all these accoutrements, David then lifted the crate of plants onto my lap, where I carefully placed my head between aloe branches in such a way as to minimize scratches from the spines.  On my right branches touched the window; on my left they nearly reached David. In this manner at 3:00am we drove the crate of plants the 15 minutes to Jen’s house before heading to DC.

So this weekend we brought them home, and this time we were able to strap them into the back seat.  While they were at Jen’s, she (with my complete blessing) kept them on her porch, so they look a little straggly, but they are decidedly alive and here, which was the goal.  Yesterday I cleaned them up a bit, so today was for letting the air, sunshine, and general wonderfulness help them rejuvenate.  There’s still a ways to go, but they’re getting there.

Finally, I am trying something in my closet, that I’ve been considering for awhile.  I’ve heard recommended in a number of places the idea of turning your hangers around backwards.  When you wear something, you put it back on the rack with the hanger facing normally.  Then, after some period of time, you have a more accurate idea of which clothes you actually wear.  My biggest worry has been that this will cause unnecessarily tangled hangers, but as I said before, today is not a day for worrying, so I’ve gone ahead and done it. This is part of a larger intention to pare down my closet, motivated by Project 333.  I don’t intend to go the whole nine yards and actually get my closet down to 33 items, but I would like to remove anything I don’t use.

Additional things of interest found today include:

New Blogs:


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New Books:

A Moveable Feast

Jitterbug Perfume

New Ideas:

Typewriter key magnets

Air plants

Journal bandolier

Yarn bowl

Hanging light bulb vase

Happy Wednesday!


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