Scone Adventures

I’ve been adding new foods to our household.  Grape + Bean has bread delivered daily, baked fresh each morning by the baker at Restaurant Eve.  So when I feel inspired, I bring a loaf home.  This is the end of the first half of a loaf of multigrain bread that is dense, full of flax seeds and sunflower seeds and cornmeal, and goodness knows what else, but it’s divine.

A French bakery chain, Le Pain Quotidien, has a store near Grape + Bean that I often stop at on my way into work for a cup of tea and a scone or croissant, since the bus I take gets me there about a half hour early.  Their mint tea is made with fresh mint leaves, pounded in a mortar and pestle just before brewing.  It has given me a craving for fresh mint tea at home as well as crushed mint leaves in cool water, which is extremely refreshing.  Therefore, I found a mint plant to adopt:

Finally, reading the Russell and Holmes novels has given me desperate craving for scones, so I looked up a simple recipe for them and finally made a batch.  I used this recipe from, but instead of raisins, I chopped up apricots into tiny pieces.  I also added crushed walnuts and flax seeds to the dry mix and vanilla and lemon extract to the sour cream and egg mix.  If I may say so, they turned out beautifully.  The scones come out fluffy, but I like scones that way.  The crushed walnuts added a nuttiness that gave the base more substance that it would have otherwise had.  I would recommend either adding crushed nuts or using whole wheat flour.

EDIT: I also wanted to note that this recipe was super-easy to make, and it took 30 minutes, from start to fluffy-scone finish, including clean-up.  No mixer is needed, just a fork and a whisk and clean hands.

Ginger, for those who follow her adventures, has been working hard as well.  She’s been kept very busy making sure my fabric scraps don’t escape their basket.


2 thoughts on “Scone Adventures

  1. Yum! I love Molly Wisenburg’s Scottish scone recipe. They come out dry and biscuit-y, which is how I like them. Lexy posted the recipe on her blog for me around Mother’s Day this year. It’s a good one if you’re still scone-crazy. 🙂

  2. Hi Kate! I’m enjoying your blog – got it from Elizabeth’s blog. I miss seeing you and hope you’re enjoying your adventure. The scones and dress look great! Still creating, eh? 🙂

    Elizabeth’s mom

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