Enter the Blues, Atlanta

Well, I finally traveled for a dance event! It was awhile ago now, but things have been busy, so I haven’t been able to update. We flew down to Atlanta the weekend of February 17 for Enter the Blues.  It’s the first out-of-town blues event I’ve been able to attend since Austin Blues Party in July.

I took that Friday and Monday off work so that I could travel to and from the event without missing any of it, and as things worked out, I didn’t work Tuesday either, so we arrived in Atlanta Friday around noon and didn’t leave until Tuesday night. Because we had almost two full days in Atlanta after the event ended, we managed to see some of the city. Our friends Duane and Halley were also in Atlanta through Tuesday, so we climbed Stone Mountain and visited the aquarium with them.

In the past I’ve always registered for full event passes, which include dances and workshops.  Often, though, I don’t attend most, or sometimes all, of the workshops, so for EtB I just registered for the dances.  The result was a very good weekend.

The masquerade ball that we got all fancied up for:

Climbing Stone Mountain:

Resting on the climb up Stone Mountain:

Near the top of Stone Mountain (having lagged behind the entire climb, I was inordinately proud of myself for having reached the top. Moments later I discovered there was still a ways to climb to actually get to the top):

Actually at the top and celebrating:

And the aquarium:

Marveling at the giant tank that holds 4 whale sharks and 6.3 million gallons of water:


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